Citizen’s engagement in urban data initiatives

Paul Boettcher
Paul Boettcher
Public Policy Advisor specialised in urban data governance and emerging technologies
Simon Chignard
Simon Chignard
Independent Senior Policy Advisor

Join us for an enlightening webinar on “Citizen’s Engagement in Urban Data Initiatives.” In this session, Simon Chignard and Paul Boettcher, who have explored ways city governments are including  citizens in data initiatives and governance practices will share, as part of a research group, a typology developed to understand residents’ roles in data initiatives and governance practices.

Citizen engagement in urban data governance often implies challenging the idea that individuals only passively produce data to inform platforms or governments, getting little to no benefits from it. Instead, it suggests that citizens are more aware of and able to decide how certain information is collected, managed and used and for which purposes, often for the public interest. 

With limited knowledge on how cities implement citizen engagement initiatives in data governance, this webinar is an  opportunity to gain insights into current approaches to citizens engagement in data initiatives, understanding challenges, and achieving positive outcomes, including a typology of citizens’ roles in local data initiatives. Join us in shaping a smarter, sustainable urban future.

About Speakers

Simon Chignard is a freelance consultant and policy advisor. As an advisor to the French Prime Minister (2014-2021), he contributed to designing and implementing a legal and technical framework on data and artificial intelligence. He works for different organisations at the national and international levels, including the Open Data Institute, Luminate, UN-Habitat and the Cities Coalition for Digital Rights and teaches at SciencesPo (Paris).

Paul Boettcher is a public policy advisor specialised in urban data governance and emerging technologies. He currently works for Germany’s publicly-owned in-house consultancy and advises national, regional and local governments and administrations on issues around the strategic role of data and its governance. In addition, Paul supports the work of UN-Habitat and the Cities Coalition for Digital Rights as a technical expert for urban data, collaborating with cities and colleagues across Europe.

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