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Further the development of smart cities globally with a human rights perspective. If you’re a specialist in digital transformation and/or human rights and would like to contribute to developing people-centred smart cities, sign in and join our community!

You’ll have access to:

  • Up-to-date documentation on human rights in the digital era.
  • Learning tools.
  • The Practical Guide to Digital Transformation in Latin American Cities
  • Noteworthy study cases of cities in the world.
  • Reports and interviews with key players in the world.
  • Project funding rounds.
  • Skills training and events.
  • Our database of public officials.
  • Our forum and inquiry spaces.
  • Providing mentoring for other members of the community.

What do you need in order to sign up?

  • Have expertise related to human rights and/or digital transformation processes.
  • Fill out your profile with details regarding your professional track record.
  • Once you sign up, we’ll read your application and get back to you via email within 72 hours.

Who forms part of our network of specialists?

This space is dedicated to:

  • Academics, investigators and members of theoretical and applied research groups, foundations and organisations seeking to generate practical and/or theoretical knowledge.
  • People who work with philanthropic foundations and civil society organisations related to the subject matter.

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Practical guides for digital transformation in Latin America and the world.

Waste Collectors Map
Citizen’s Engagement in Urban Data Initiatives: A typology outlining citizens' engagement in local data initiatives
28mgtNI4F 400x400
Primera mentoría del Digital Helpdesk for Cities incluyó tips para la transformación digital en ciudades inteligentes
10 destacados de la Guía Práctica para la Transformación Digital en América Latina


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